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Enhanced Aurora™ Technology

A uniquely engineered breakthrough in Phototherapy.

What is Enhanced Aurora?

Advanced Medical Diode System

Enhanced Aurora™ delivers high dosages of Ultra-Violet (UV) light to affected skin using deep UV light as opposed to excimer laser or mercury gas lamp light sources. Enhanced Aurora™ incorporates several patent-pending features, including advanced safety mechanisms. These integrated features make it safer to treat patients while making it easier to track patient sessions, improving the flow of treatment for healthcare providers. The device's wide screen touchscreen display facilitates quick and intuitive interaction, allowing users to effortlessly navigate and control the software with simple taps.


Enhanced Aurora™ is capable of emitting either Narrow Band (NB) UVA or Narrow Band (NB) UVB light allowing healthcare providers access to various forms of phototherapy treatment, all within one device. Because Enhanced Aurora™ emits very intense levels of UVA & UVB light energy, it can only be sold to qualified healthcare providers and is not for home use.


UV phototherapy is reimbursed or covered by most medical insurers including Medicare. It is considered to be a low toxicity treatment, especially when compared to systemic or biologic drugs.


Enhanced Aurora™ advocates for the use of targeted UVA & UVB phototherapy to address the aspects of patients' diseases that most reduce their Quality of Life (QoL) first. By initially focusing on the major detractors from patients' quality of life, healthcare providers and patients can then treat the remaining affected skin regions with less aggressive and less toxic therapies. Enhanced Aurora™ represents a device built on an established clinical modality, utilizes the most advanced UVA & UVB technology available today, and incorporates innovative features developed through collaborations with leading scientists, physicians, and biomedical engineering consultants.

Enhanced Aurora™ Technology

A uniquely engineered breakthrough in Phototherapy.

PSI has spent one full decade on the research and development leading to the creation of Enhanced Aurora™. With Enhanced Aurora™, we have engineered a more advanced technology than the previous Psoria-Light.

510K K230076 Regulatory class: Class 11

Product code: FTC : (Ultraviolet Lamp For Dermatologic Disorders)

Product code: GEX : Laser surgical instrument for use in general and plastic surgery and in dermatology


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