How To Get Aurora Treatment

Ask your healthcare provider for Aurora treatment today!

Aurora promotes awareness of Psoriasis, Eczema, and Vitiligo, their impact on Quality of Life (QoL), and on receiving the least toxic and most effective treatments. Aurora advocates the use of targeted UV phototherapy first to address the worst aspects of patients’ disease which reduce their Quality of Life. By addressing the major detractors from patients’ quality of life initially, patients and healthcare providers can address the remaining regions of skin with the least aggressive therapy.

Your healthcare provider wants to provide you with the most advanced, effective, and least toxic form of therapy available today. More and more, healthcare providers are aware of how your Quality of Life is affected by your disease. If your healthcare provider has a targeted UV phototherapy device, ask them if you are a candidate for treatment!

If your healthcare provider does not offer targeted UV phototherapy, or is not aware of this important therapy, let them know about it! You are one of many patients with similar skin conditions attending their practice. Help yourself and others by:

  1. Clicking on and printing out the form below and requesting your healthcare provider read it.
  2. Clicking on the “Contact my Doctor” link in the navigation above. By providing your doctor’s contact information, an Aurora qualified specialist will be ready to discuss placement of a Aurora at their location immediately.